Shipping the best massage gun (at least that's what Men's Health said)

We hope you all enjoyed Halloween! Now it's time to take off the masks and explain exactly why it took us so long to ship the goods.

It's not going to be one of those 4,000 words no-point posts that asks you to like & share. We just want to tell you what's with all the delays + some good news (yes, we actually have some good news, finally).

So as you know, we planned on shipping from our new warehouse in Miami about 2 months ago. We moved all the stock to the US, got the FDA certs, and we were ready to roll...

At least that's what we thought.

We thought the FDA is based on the product (structure, PCB, mechanics, etc'...) but it turns out that they also care about the name. And we've changed it from GetKraft to Kraftgun.

So guess what?

After shipping from our factory in Asia to Miami, we now had to ship it all the way back. It's 100% our fault, no doubt about it, we're product guys and had no experience with logistics and anything related to customs. In retrospect, we were supposed to hire someone to run logistics, especially when you're short in time.

Anyway, now we got the FDA certification (for those who asked, yes! We're FDA registered).

What does it mean?

If you ever tried to import goods to the US (goods that require FDA), you know that even after you get the stock released from customs, you still can't sell it. Now that was the second biggest delay for us. We got the stock already, told all of you that we managed to release it from customs.

But then our agent calls and says "but you know that you can't ship it yet, right?".

What? Why? How come?

Please notice at this point we left no hair to pull, and we thought about taking an Uber to FDA's offices.

Eventually, we didn't as we realized that we'd probably need that cashflow to ship the stock back to the factory once again.

So we had to wait for the FDA to approve our stock (sometimes they just want to visit the warehouse, and make sure what you sell is what you declare). Fine by us, we get it, and it actually makes us feel better and trust the system.

And now for the good news!

Starting tomorrow (11/4/19), the Miami warehouse is open for business!

1. All US orders would be shipped from Miami with FedEx/UPS 4-day service (please notice, it'll still take us a few days to process new orders, but at least now once we ship it, it'll be about 3-4 days and not 3-4 weeks)

2. By mid-November, before the peak of the holiday season, we'll start offering overnight shipping.

The entire story above is just a fraction of what a new company goes through. The logistics would barely count for 5% of our daily issues we need to solve. So just imagine how many fun challenges we deal with.

But the fact that people comment and say "The KRAFTGUN changed my life" is worth everything, it's the fuel that keeps us running during those rough times.

And we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support, for sticking with us and helping us build KRAFTGUN.

And stay tuned, we have some VERY interesting projects we're about to launch soon (no spoiler alerts at the moment, but it's like nothing you've ever seen before 😏 )