How to speed up your muscle growth and recovery?

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C. Dundan, Editor-in-chief. 

If you’re working out, then first of all I like you already, and second you know what muscles soreness is and how important recovery is.

Why recovery is the new buzz word?

After every workout your muscles gets contracted

And it stops you from getting enough blood

It’s kinda like a rubber on a hose

which results in lack of oxygen and nutrients

that are vital for your recovery and muscle growth.


Let me repeat it as its that important!


contracted muscles restrict blood blow

so your muscles won't be able to grow or recover as fast as you want.


So how to release those knots and get fresh, desperately needed blood flow?

1.If you’re this guy

you can afford going 5 times a week to a deep tissue massage and spend $1K a month.

2.Or you can use those amazing massagers which do absolutely nothing - but it’s a great doorstepper

What you need is a real massager;

Something to reach those deep areas

Something with enough targeted pinpointed pressure to break those knots and speed up your growth and recovery:

Today we’re proud to introduce KRAFT!
The first noise-free massage gun with
brushless motor and powered by Samsung

Thanks to its 2400 revolutions per minute

it reaches your deepest layers of your muscle and break the knots

so your muscle can get more blood flow and expedite the recovery and muscle growth.



We've been able to reduce the noise from 125 DB (decibels) to less than 62 DB. Obviously it's not your electric toothbrush, but finally you won't need to hide in the basement to massage yourself.

  • You can use it near your partner in bed after a long day
  • It can be used while everyone are a sleep.
  • Best part is that you can use it on the gym mat without interrupting others (please notice! using Kraft will attract people in the gym, no matter how quiet it is - you'll always face questions)

    How to use it?

    Just go over your muscle back and forth 5-10 minutes after and before a workout.


    Each package included 4 different attachments, so you'll use the large ones for your bigger muscles such as biceps and smaller attachments for near bone sensitive areas.

    Thanks to Samsung's battery you'll only need to charge it once a month, or twice a month (depends on how often you use it) as a fully charger battery lasts over 3.5 hours. And there's a fast charger included so you'll go zero to hero (o% - 100%) in less than 90 minutes.


    What’s the secret sauce?

    Instead of using the same brushed motor as everyone else, we’ve used a brushless motor same as adopted by medical devices thanks to its long 10,000-hour lifespan and whisper-silent operation.


    Where can I get one?

    As you know massage guns are ranging around $500-$600 and those are using the old brushed motor with barely 50 minutes of work time.

    But our goal is to make it as affordable as possible – so we’ve managed to retail it for only $369!

    And as a thank you for pre-ordering, cause we know it sucks to wait, we’ll take $70 off.

    So today you can get your your first quiet massage gun for only $299.

    And that’s not all, we’ll also offer you a free worldwide shipping - yes, you heard me, no matter if you live in Casablanca or Sri Lanka.


    And in case you changed your mind and decided that you love injuries and slow recovery, you’ll have 30 days to return it - yes, for a full refund!


    So what’s included?


    •       KRAFT massage gun
    •       1 year warranty
    •       Free worldwide shipping
    •       Samsung battery
    •       Fast charger (we’ll ship the right plug according to your location)
    •       Carrying case
    •       4 attachments


    So if you’re looking to speed up your muscle growth and recovery,

    get yours today for a great price.