KRAFTGUN was Launched in 2018 with a single mission in mind - to help you speed up muscle growth and recovery without using chemicals.

Our founder's first experience with a massage gun happened at 2013. After he got his back injured in the army, he tried (like almost all soldiers out there) any possible solution under the sun. 

From chemicals and pills to cupping and chiropractors. After about 2 years a certain therapist from the middle-east showed him this gun (guess they have different sorts of guns there). It was a bulky $2,500 metallic wired massage gun. For the first time he felt like he's getting his life back, and all this thanks to this magical device? 

No chemistry or electricity involved?

Long story short, after several prototypes KRAFTGUN was born and people are going crazy over it.

In a market with over 2,000 competitors, how come KRAFTGUN is still one of the leaders (based on Google Trends it's one of the most searched for massage guns, at the time of writing this post)?

It's quite simple.

Lots of those so-called "massage guns" are simply a motor with a battery.

No technology involved.

No engineering involved.

And the worst part?

No actual tests done on real athletes and injured people who really need the help of a massage gun.

It means those companies just try to manufacture something that looks like a massage gun. 

You all know that there's a difference between a $50 smartphone and your iPhone.

Yes, they both look the same but completely different form each other.

The confusion is caused by the word - LOOK.

Even that other massage guns look similar to the real deal, to our KRAFTGUN, they're a completely different animal.

KRAFTGUN Force is our most powerful massage gun with high stall-force out of this world, and you can compare it to any of those cheap massagers out there. None on those would even resemble the new KRAFTGUN.

If you're serious about your workouts and looking to speed up muscle growth and recovery, KRAFTGUN is the one for you. If you're looking for a nice-to-have gift, go to any of those marketplaces and get yourself a vibrating stick (nothing wrong with those, seriously, great gift, lots of fun. However, it provide zero results).


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